by Xerxes & Phoenix

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Hello and welcome to the official site of our first single release.
How this song came to life is very special to us. The process of creating “Scarecrow” sprang from a conceptual idea in collaboration with the awesome coders from PlayPsyCo, aka Thomas Austad and Sjur Mathisen. The common goal was to represent this as a PC Demo competition entry at the Revision Easterparty 2014, which took place in Saarbrücken, Germany.

From the very first drafts presented we knew we were on to something very special and beautiful.

Telling a story depicted through animated graphics and music, trying to imagine a world seen through the eyes of a Scarecrow just come to life. Perceiving its surroundings, developing self-awareness, interacting in a wondrous yet so unfamiliar existence. Also entailing its saddened realization of being different and not fitting in, longing to be alike all the beauty it sees around it believing it´s the only way to be truly free. Strongly resembling our world today where the ideal beauty should be flawless.

It has been an exciting journey for us over a five months long period; first making the soundtrack and then watching this fragile character and its surroundings being brought to life by PlayPsyCo. Since the competition the response has been overwhelming and we are greatful for getting this heartwarming feedback.

To all of you, thank you!



I, what am I
barely standing straight
yet awake
to see
fading lights
from a day

I, what have I
but the shortest straws
the one
no one
no one wants
but the night

In its embrace
the wan light of the moon glimmers its beauty
upon the fields and unto me

I´m the scarecrow
the unknown
the freak
no one wants to know

I, only if I
could hold such beauty
its light
to know
its secrets
I would be free

I´m the scarecrow
the unknown
the freak
no one wants to know


released May 4, 2014

Composed by Klaus Lunde & Marthe Borge-Lunde Pfirrmann.
Programmed & Mixed by Klaus Lunde.
Lyrics & Vocals by Marthe Borge-Lunde Pfirrmann.
Mastering & Mixing by Jonas Kroon @ SAGA Studio.
Recording by Michael Pfirrmann @ Klangkomplex.
Cover Art by Thomas Austad & Sjur Mathisen.



Klaus Lunde

Marthe Borge-Lunde Pfirrmann


Jonas Kroon

Michael Pfirrmann




all rights reserved


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